Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites

Hey Pixies! 

So, this was meant to be an April favourites but hey, I'm late as always so it's turned into a May one! April held my birthday so a couple of the favourites are non beauty and are prezzies that I was kindly given! Enjoy! 

Naked 2 palette 

So my amazing best friends were so kind to club together and buy me the Naked 2 palette for my birthday. I have the other two naked palettes so was really excited to try this! I literally squealed when I opened it!
I'm not going to say too much as I think everyone knows about the Naked palettes by now, but I will say that I think this may be my favourite of all the Nakeds (although I do love Naked3 as it compliments brown eyes really nicely). 

YSL Elle Perfume 

So with some birthday money that I received from relatives I decided to treat myself to a new high end perfume as my Valentina by Valentino has pretty much died (though I refuse to let it go!). After smelling what felt like a million different scents we gave up for the moment and went to ogle the makeup at the YSL counter where the lovely ladies there introduced us to Elle. 
It is a beautiful strong scent, it's fairly heavy but not too much and has a lovely rosy aroma. I got it in Eau de Parfum instead of Toilette which I recommend doing as, although it's slightly more expensive, it lasts all day on the skin without ever needing to reapply, which in the long run is a better investment if you're already splashing out, in my opinion. 
Oh and as with all things YSL, the packaging is just beautiful and perfectly apt for the scent

YSL Touche Eclat 

So while we were at the YSL counter my Mum and I decided to treat ourselves to the iconic Touche Eclat, as neither of us had tried it before. This product is famous for a reason, it's the hallmark of quality, goes on like a dream and truly brightens your eyes. As someone who suffers terribly with dark circles this product is a true life saver! Plus it came in this limited edition leopard print packaging, cool or what?

Alexa Chung - IT 

My sister bought me this book for my birthday, she's always been good with gifts - it's a talent, and this book is no different. As someone who likes fashion who wouldn't want Alexa's book?
It looks gorgeous, the photos in it are stunning. It's tumblr in a book really! And the book itself is a wonderful read, I did it in one 2 hour sitting! I just love her and now I love IT. 

Globe Watch

So, like every other iPhone user over the past few weeks, I have discovered Depop. What an app! I'm in love. My one and only purchase so far has been this gorgeous watch. It's so simple and unique and for the price I couldn't complain in the slightest. It was a mere £7.00 including P&P!! It's not the best quality watch ever made but for £7.00 who cares! It's been a perfect purchase - God bless Depop!

Nose Piercing

So in the Easter holidays I took the plunge and finally decided to get my nose pierced. I've wanted to for far too long but been too much of a wimp to go through with it. But luckily I had my best friend (who's very used to piercings) to coerce me into it - thank you Maddie - I love it! I's weird I honestly couldn't imagine my face without it now.

So there's a few things I've been loving this month! 

Much Love 

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