Wednesday, 20 November 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick - Forbidden Burgundy

Hey Pixies! 
I am sticking to my schedule (Wednesdays and Sundays), it is still Wednesday night aha!

So when I got my GCSE results my Auntie kindly rewarded me with £20. So I decided to treat myself to something special that I would never usually buy myself. A gorgeous YSL lipstick. I saw this shade first in Chloe Morello's youtube channel and fell in love. 

Sorry there's not a photo of me wearing the lipstick, every photo was really unrepresentative of the colour of the lipstick, even the hand swatch is pushing it! It is faaar more purple is real life!

So this lipstick is pure luxury! I decided to get it in this shade so it would be a definite 'special occasion' lippy! It is a very unique shade. It's extremely purple (despite the misrepresentation in the swatch photo) and very wintery! 
It is so pigmented and very soft and moisturising on the lips and gives a glossy shine also. However it is not the most long lasting lipstick as it is so soft and moisturising, whereas I imagine if it was a very drying, matte shade it would probably last longer. Also I have barely used this lipstick and it has already gone down a fair bit in the bullet so I will bare that in mind if I ever choose to purchase another shade in the future that I will be more likely to wear on a regular basis as I feel the lipstick will not last all that long. 

Overall I think this lipstick is quality and luxury and a prefect treat either for a present or just to reward yourself! I think that the retail price of around £20-24 is far too expensive for the quality that you receive, even though the quality is rather high. However for a special occasion, every now and again they are worth the indulgence; you definitely pay for the packaging - I mean look how gorgeous it is!!  

Have you ever tried any YSL lipsticks? If so what do you think and are they worth the hefty price tag?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am loving these sorts of colours at the moment! and the packaging is just gorgeous!! x

    1. Yeah, it's so lovely for this time of year! I know, not going to lie was a big contributor to why I bought it aha!x