Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Alternative Makeup Storage

Hey Pixies!

So today I thought I'd let you in on how I store my makeup. My collection grew out of makeup bags a long time ago and I struggle to fit it in my dressing table draws with my hair and other beauty things as well. I fear that even this is beginning to overflow but I keep the makeup I don't use very often in a small plastic box in my wardrobe; but most of my collection is stored in this way. I thought about getting those plastic containers/draws or storing it a lot more practically like a lot of bloggers do but this way goes with the decor of my room much better and I really love it. 

So in the summer my Mum  and I went on a weekend away to a little town called Skipton in Yorkshire; whilst we were looking round all the quaint, individual shops we spotted these gorgeous shelves (there are some really similar on both Ebay and Amazon if you're interested). In the same vintage, shabby chic themed shop were the yellow and pink baskets which are lined with a sort of polythene which makes them perfect for storing makeup.

I also find it really cute to store my brushes in old jars with ribbon (that seems to have escaped - what a mystery!). The two smaller jars are just old washed out jam jars but the larger one is from Ikea - I needed a shallow wide jar for my bigger face brushes - jam doesn't tend to be stored in jars like that!

I keep my nail varnishes on these shelves as well, this cute basket thing (technical term) is from BHS and fits perfectly on this shelf.

I keep my lipstick in this cute wicker basket/tin on top of all my Vogues. I was lucky enough to be bought a Vogue subscription for my birthday, it's my favourite magazine (you can't beat a classic!) and I just love displaying them in this way.

So finally I just love the warmth that candles both look and emit, so my shelves wouldn't be complete with out one. I absolutely love this candle holder I got from Dunelm Mill the other day as well. It was only £1.99 and just looks so gorgeous with a lit candle in. The little box is where I keep most of my most worn earrings, I got it from an individual shop in a designer outlet near where I live and I just think its so cute. 

So that's it guys! I am absolutely loving storing my makeup this way recently and just thought I'd share! 
How do you guys store your makeup?

Thanks for reading

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