Sunday, 10 November 2013

REVIEW: Wet n Wild trios

Hey Pixies!
So my bestfriend went to New York a couple of weeks ago (yeah I was 'well jel' too!) and was so kind to bring me back two Wet n Wild trios.
I asked her to get me Autumny shades and my days did she do well! (LOVE YOU AMY!!)

So the first trio is in 'Silent Treatment'

I am literally in love with these trios and I love this one so much. It's great for the evening and the crease shade is so beautiful. It is so unusual and unlike any other shadow I have. It's a gorgeous deep brown with gold specks. This is definitely more of a night time trio and the shades are perfect for a bold eye to go with an autumnal burgundy lip. 
I also love the way that Wet n Wild trios tell you wear to put the shadows, I know that sounds silly and it's usually always pretty obvious, but the shadows look so good if you put them exactly where they say to. I realise how much of a ridiculous point that is but it makes sense to me!

The second trio is in 'Knock on Wood'

So I love this trio too, I think these colours are, even though they are fairly dark and can be quite intense, more daytime shades. The two pinky colours really remind me of my Estee Lauder - Raisins and looks so good with the mid brown thrown into the mix! I think the pale pink is a little too dark to be placed on the brow bone as it advises, but looks really pretty in the inner corner all the same.  

So overall guys I am loving these shadows for Autumn and am so grateful to my friend for bringing them into my life aha! They are so pigmented and blend really easily and I can't wait to try more!

Do you guys like Wet n Wild eyeshadows? If so what are your favourite shades, I'd love some recommendations!

Thanks for reading!

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