Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Sweater Weather Tag

Hey Pixies!
So I know I'm being totally hopeless and doing a tag, which I know is a cop out (considering I haven't even been tagged by anyone!)
However I've had a rather hectic day and have not got around to taking any photos and whenever I take photos in the evening they come out terribly - please see previous posts - so this will have to do!

As it's rapidly getting colder and snuggly slippers seem to have a gravitational pull towards my tootsies, what better than the sweater weather tag! Let's get crack-a-lacking!!

Favourite Candle Scent? 

Well until recently I was not allowed to burn candles of my own as I'm a rather clumsy being! But since my dear mother has let me enjoy the wonder of candles I've kind of gone a tad crazy!
I really dislike fruity scents or anything overly 'foody'. That being said I quite like sweet, floral and musty/spicy scents. I'm also a sucker for vanilla!!
Specifically I love both 'Christmas Cookie' (I know it's foody, but I love it!) and 'Christmas Eve' by Yankee Candle.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

Tea. Definitely. I don't really like coffee but I do love a good cosy hot chocolate however I couldn't live without tea and drink at least 2-3 cups a day!

What's the best Autumn memory you have?

Crisp country walks with the family or the first 'Starbucks day' when they bring out the christmas cups with my best friend Amy.

What makeup trend do you prefer: winged liner or dark lips?

Can't I pick both? I wear winged liner more often but I absolutely love rocking an autumnal burgundy lip. I usually wear them both together to be perfectly honest!

What do you want to be for Halloween?

Well I am hopeless at organisation with tags so Halloween has been and gone but I didn't do anything for it, I'm very sad I know! However I'd of liked to have gone as something alternative and not that scary - I loved all the Miley Cyrus tutorials that were floating around the blog and youtube scene.

Hats or Scarves?

Argh both again? Aha probably hats though, I do love my beanies! I've recently been loving THIS one from Next.

Most worn jumper?

Either a navy grandad one from a charity shop that is uber long, massive and cosy or THIS one (in peach) from Topshop if I'm feeling slightly more like making an effort!

Favourite Autumn Nail Polish?

Either Barry M - Raspberry or Essie - Luxedo

Skinny Jeans or Leggings?

Skinny jeans if I'm going out or leggings if I'm home or want to be comfy or cosy. Overall I think I'd say leggings. Specifically THESE - are they just not horrifically amazing?!

Boots or Uggs?

Boots definitely! I bought some ankle boots from River Island last week and have been living in them! I think I've just grown out of uggs, although we all know how I love my comfort!

So that's it guys, I know I'm so late but ah well, better late than never! Hope you enjoyed it and I tag ALL of you!
Thanks for reading


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