Sunday, 6 May 2012

OOTD: A day shopping with the girls

Hey Beauts!
So today I just went shopping with my girlies, so I thought why not show you guys what I wore! Here goes!.....Oh but before we start you may notice that in some of the photos I am wearing a headband and in others I'm not. This is because, I don't know if you do this too but I put a headband on and then half way through the day I'm like 'Get this thing off my head now!!' and end up ripping it off:) so seeing as I'm soo organised and took the pictures at completely different times in the day:) Anyway enough of my rambling, let's get crackalacking!;)

So there you have it! 

Shirt - H&M
Jumper - Urban Outfitters 
Shorts - Topshop
Just black tights - you don't really need to know where they're from and plus I don't know so hey! 
Converse - Schuh 
Bag - Accessorize (I know it doesn't really go with my outfit but I couldn't be bothered to transfer all my crap into another bag!)
Necklace - Accessorize
Lipstick - Topshop Infrared!
Headband - Just an old scrap of material;)

Thanks for reading!!x


  1. Your headband looks cute, as does your jumper. Love jumpers, despite still having to wear them at this time of the year grr.xx

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  3. Love your outfit - jumper + necklace are amazing! :)

    Great blog.


  4. Great outfit you look very cute! :)