Thursday, 31 May 2012

Laura Marling

Hey Lovlies! 
So this is my first music post! My sister introduced me to the gorgeous Laura Marling about 2 years ago and I've been hooked on her ever since. I was so happy for her when she one her 'Best Female Solo Artist' Brit in 2011 she is just so talented and well deserving! 

I have always had a bit of a girl crush on her but I'v rediscovered her over the past couple of weeks and just can't get enough! Out of her three albums: Alas I Cannot Swim, I Speak Because I Can and A Creature I Don't Know, I definitely prefer Alas I Cannot Swim - can't beat an original! But saying that I do love all three! 

The song that I have been most 'ahh' about recently though is 'New Romantic' I know it's not too recent but ah I love everything from the video down to the lyrics, it's just gorgeous! 

I cannot tell you how much I love this girl! I really want to go see her, she's one of those artists that you know would be brilliant live! I just wish that the charts could be filled with people like her and not poppy rubbish...:(

I'm soo sorry I'm afraid I've turned into a.... rambling man....;) I'm so sorry I couldn't resist! 

But yes I have spoken for far too long, I hope you all enjoyed this alternative sort of post, let me know if you did!

Thanks for reading!x

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