Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hair of the Day

Hey Beauts!
So today I messing around with my curlers, and I have the Babyliss curlers that have interchangeable....things (I don't know the right word!). But anyway I decided to try the setting with two curling wands because having watched one of FleurdeForce's videos where she used a curler like this and achieved such gorgeous natural curls, I had to try it! 
So anyway here's the result! 

I know I look ridiculous, but I got bored of smiling!;)

I hope you liked this post, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it or not but ya know -why not!! 

Thanks for reading!x


  1. your so pretty and i love your blog! I am really happy to find another girl close to my age who loves beauty! I made blog last week if you would like to check it out xo Genevieve (definitely a happy new follower) x

  2. thankyou! I know it's so nice to find girls that are into the same things that I am! I will definitely check out your blog!:)xx