Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer

Hey Pixies!
Sorry my schedules slipped again this week but I have just had a bit of a tough week but I'm hoping to get back on track. 

So recently when in Boots with the best friend (who accidentally appears in the photobooth snaps in the background) we both noticed this this primer from Rimmel. Now I am always open to trying new primers, especially cheaper alternatives to my beloved UDPP! 

So I started out with really high hopes for this primer as it looked and felt lovely in store, however I'm afraid that I have really been disappointed with this product. 
It is a very thin primer and quite oily when first applied which I didn't really like as I felt it left my whole lid, up to my brow bone, oily and without foundation which I really dislike as a base for eyeshadow. 
However, despite being oily at first I found that over the past couple of weeks it has really dried out my lids! It's taking some serious eye cream and moisturising to recover. 
It also makes my shadow crease and patchy so it isn't that great at 'exaggerating' the shadows. 
However the one thing I do like about this foundation is that it has an almost pearlescent look which is lovely when used with shimmer. 
I don't want to be too down on this primer because my best friend also bought this and loves it. She finds that it is great at preventing fallout from even the most frustrating of eyeshadows. 
Overall I was really unimpressed with this primer and as the first drugstore primer I've used I'm really disappointed! If anyone has any suggestions of good drugstore eye primers please let me know!! 

Have you tried this primer? If so what did you think?

Thanks for reading x

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