Friday, 6 December 2013

My Favourite Shampoo & Conditioner for Coloured Hair

Hey Pixies
So another hair post today!
I've been dying my hair for a few years now, however previously, it has only been on the ends; also I have always either wanted to strip the colour after a bad job ( ;) ) or it has been bleached and hasn't needed to be protecting from fading.  
Whereas now, for the first time, I have a dye over all of my hair. As my hair was virgin hair, I had to have a semi permanent dye and to be honest I would have opted for a semi-permanent anyway. Although, being semi-permanent, it means that it fades rapidly fast! So, despite the fact that they probably don't make a whole lot of difference, I was on the hunt for a colour holding/renewing shampoo - and as I am a poor student, a drugstore one!

Herbal Essences - Ignite my colour, vibrant colour shampoo & conditioner

I LOVE this shampoo & conditioner. I never believed the shampoos that claimed to 'hold colour' as I thought if it's a semi dye, it's going to fade fast and that's that. And although it does, these products have helped dramatically. 
When I originally got my hair done I was using a TRESemme shampoo & conditioner. To be fair I didn't like it before, and the way it stripped a large quantity of my colour very quickly really sealed the deal with this product for me. It was not good. So after about 3 washes and it really fading my hair, I knew I needed to invest in a change. 
So on one of my many wanderings in Boots I saw these Herbal Essences on offer and snapped them up. They were a real steal and have treated me so well. Since I have been using these I have seen a much more gradual fade rather than the STRIPPING that I got from TRESemme. 
I don't think that the products 'ignited' my colour but it has definitely held the colour and made my hair very soft and shiny! 

So yeah, overall I can only sing this product's praises. If you have coloured hair but don't want to spend a bomb on a really good shampoo & conditioner, then I definitely recommend giving this one a try. 

Have you dyed your hair? What shampoos do you like using?

Thanks for reading! x 


  1. Ah I love the shampoo & conditioner so much too! Love your blog hun! You've got yourself a new follower ;)


  2. I have been dying my hair for many years now and the last ones blond so seaching for a good shampoo is always my mission! Will try this one! I love the Elvive/Elseve Colour line from L'Oreal! New follower! :)

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    Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of your posts, love your informative reviews:)

  4. I'll definitely have to try this out - thanks for the recommendation! Found you from the hop!

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