Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Soap and Glory Haul

Hey Pixies!

So this weekend I made one of my far too regular journeys to Boots because I was in desperate need of a new scrub. Of course I went straight to Soap and Glory! But, because I have the worst level of will power ever, I of course didn't only leave with a scrub!

Flake Away - £7.00

Hand Maid - £2.50

Glad Hair Day Conditioner - £2.50

Butter Yourself - FREE (I know!) 

Flake Away

Flake Away is an old and cherished favourite of mine, and pretty much every other blogger and human being in Britain! It is the best scrub I have ever used and never fails to leave my legs feeling baby soft, and perfect for pre fake tanning! 

Hand Maid

I've never really been a fan of anti bacterial gel. I mean obviously it is a great invention and is a perfect handbag essential, but I am never fond of the scents and (as a shameful thumbsucker - don't judge me!) the taste of most gels. However I thought I'd have a go at this one as it is highly raved about and smells amazing! It's great for school and so far I'm loving it! 

Glad Hair Day Conditioner

So basically, bleach is bitch! Looks great, but is indeed a bitch. I've been using some Tresemme shampoo and conditioner recently and not been loving it I'm afraid to say. So when I saw this little sample of conditioner I thought I'd give it a go and if it turned out well I'd buy the full sized jobby! I've only used it once but so far so good! 

Butter Yourself

Finally the freebee! So the reason I bought the two little things were because at the moment, to launch their new body lotion, boots have been giving a free Butter Yourself when you spend £10! It's worth £10.50 so it is so worth it! And it is AMAZING!! It's so gorgeous and the fact that I got it for free is just the shizzle (word used ironically I promise!!) 

So there you have it that concludes my little haul! Current favourites coming soon!! 

Thanks for reading!x 

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  1. I love flake away! I feel like I need to go and spend £10 on soap and glory to get that body butter now;) can't wait for your current favourites!:)xx