Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Messy Ponytails...

Hey Pixies!

So, if you had long-ish hair as a child then I can guarantee you spent most of your time with your hair in a ponytail - I know I did! Since then a pony has always seemed a childish hairstyle - unless you're a celebrity or on the cover of vogue!!

The pony has for a long time been overshadowed by our old friend the messy bun! As much as I love that old gem, the messy ponytail is making a fierce comeback!!

It's all over tumblr and I absolutely love it!! I think that it's such an easy style and is so flattering on all hair colours. Whether you have mid-lengh or super long hair I think that no matter what, it looks great!!

I just think that for something so simple, it is so stylish at the moment - could anything be greater than being lazy and looking good??

So I couldn't resist having a go myself - what d'ya think??

(Sorry for the super posey photos!)

I also think that it just looks amazing with ombre. It's just fantastic for turning a bad hair day into a great hair day!

So there you go! A few words on my love of ponytails! Random I know but I just thought I'd share.

Thanks for reading!! 

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