Saturday, 17 November 2012

Laa dee daa!

Hey Pixies!!

Oh my days!! I know it's been over a month since I posted but I have literally just had a severe case of bloggers block! 

If I'm being completely honest this post is just a last resort, my mind is blank to post ideas and if I can think of nothing else I can surely ramble about music right?? 

So I have a pretty distinct music taste, I like acousticy (I'm pretending it's a word), folky stuff. I am not a fan of pop or R&B, I just like my music to be chilled. 

I love the classic bands such as Coldplay, Oasis, Snow Patrol and Arctic Monkeys but today I just thought I'd chat about my current favourite bands/artists, partly to let you guys get to know me better and partly because I just looove talking about music!!

Jake Bugg

So recently one artist that I've been absolutely obsessing over is Jake Bugg! If you haven't heard him - I urge you to! His music is just so unusual and unique, it sounds like it almost should be in the 50s!  He's just so raw and rough around the edges! 
His recent album 'Jake Bugg' is just INCREDIBLE! Please listen to it! 
Oh and it doesn't hurt that I think he's gorgeous - I think I'm in love!! 

Mumford & Sons 

Secondly I will always be an avid fan of Mumford & Sons. Their music is just so unbelievably beautiful and there is literally not 1 song on both of their major albums that I don't like! Every word is sung with integrety and their songwriting is just amazing. Both 'Sigh no More' and 'Babel' are brilliantly albums and 'Babel' has been one of my music highlights of 2012! 

The Vaccines

Another band that I just can't get enough of are the Vaccines. Their new album 'Come of Age' is certainly among my most played. They are just a really good easy listening band that I really enjoy listening to! Simples. 

Ed Sheeran

I can't help but mention him! I know he is crazy big now and I'm so happy for him but I just can't not talk about Ed! Ed Sheeran is just so beautiful to listen to and despite any new finds, I always find myself gravitating back to him! Both 'Loose Change' and '+' were such gorgeous albums and I am just so excited to see any new stuff that he brings out in the future! 

Ben Howard

Ah Ben Howard! What a beauty - inside and out! I just absolutely love laying back and whacking a bit of Ben on and just relaxing because his music is just so stunning! Enough said. 

Kate Nash

My favourite girl Kate Nash! I have been listening to her for soooo long and I just love the bones of her! Her music is so personal and a joy to listen to. Her songs have so much meaning and take me back to certain places in my life that I never want to forget! Both albums 'Made of Bricks' and 'My Best Friend is You' are fabulous but 'Made of Bricks' will always hold a special place in my heart!  

Foster the People

Ah they are just so good! I love listening to their music, it's just amazing! That's pretty much all I have to say.

I think that's enough for now but I just feel like I've left so many out! Bombay Bicycle Club, Laura Marling (see this post), Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, Tracy Chapman, Of Monsters and Men... too many to mention!! 

I really hope you like this post as I really enjoyed writing it! 

Please give me ideas for posts, I'm stuck in a pretty huge rutt and need your help big time!!

Love you muchly!!x

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