Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn Wishlist

Hey Pixies!!

'Wait is that Claudie, cause I haven't heard from you in aaaages!!'
I know, I know, I'm a huge failure as a blogger but I'm just so bogged down with coursework and studying that my little old blog had to take a back seat!! 
But anyway now the apologies are out of the way - on with the show! 

So I've never done a wishlist before but seeing as I have been doing a lot of 'avoiding revision by browsing ASOS' I have seen so many things that I want. SO here are just a few!

River Island - Red print fringe platforms £35

I don't even know why I like these I just think that they're really cool and would look really great with over the knee or even just ankle socks. They're just different from the regular doc, platform converse or creeper. 

Topshop lipstick in Beguiled £8
I am absolutely loving dark plummy (it's a word!) lips this autumn, they're so edgy and add a whole new dimension to a makeup look or outfit. They are just so versatile and I think I may have to get my hands on one soon and I especially like this one from Topshop. 

The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Mineral Compact foundation £16

To be totally honest with you, I only want this because of a really old video by Anna Saccone from theStyleDiet that I watched recently where she spoke about this product. In the video her skin was not as perfect as it is now and when she used this product her face just looked amazingly flawless! Now I haven't got the most beautiful skin in the world and now that Autumn has well and truly arrived I feel that I can get away with bumping up to some heavy duty full coverage stuff, so I may have to grab me some of this. However the price tag is a little steep for me at the moment:( 
If you would like to watch that video, you can find it here

River Island - Brown stud biker boot £40

Literally I would never usually look at a boot like this, like ever, but for some reason these just seriously caught my eye! I can picture these with so many outfits and I just think that they would be such a versatile Autumn/Winter boot! 

ASOS Over the knee socks (Navy) £5 

Now to be honest with you, the brand, type, colour really doesn't matter all I want are some seriously high over the knee socks and these happen to be reasonably cheap and fit the bill. I just think they're really stylish and edgy without being overly slutty (sorry) - obviously depending on how you wear them!;) I also think the skirt is gorgeous in that picture too! Can you tell I'm liking tartan recently too? 

So there you guys there's a few things that I've really been wanting recently. I probably won't get around to buying any of them because I am mighty broke!! But hey it's nice to window shop and I really like seeing what other people have been loving so I hope you enjoyed this!!

Thanks for reading!x

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