Sunday, 15 July 2012

REVIEW: Sleek Contour Kit

Hey Guys!

So last week I picked up the Sleek Contour Kit in light. I have wanted it for sooo long as I'm pretty new to contouring and from reading previous reviews I thought that it would be a great kit for me as a beginner:)

I find it so easy to use and with the little leaflet that comes with it, it really makes it simple for you! I also think that the colour of both the contour and the highlight that comes in the it really suits my skin tone.

I also really love the packaging, it's kind of a dupe for the Nars packaging and it kind of makes me feel all classy whenever I wip it out of my make-up bag!

(Sorry for the bad photos you can't really see, but I tried my best!)

All in all I really liked this product and it has definitely become a firm staple in my make-up bag!! For it's reasonable price at £6.50 I think if you're interested in dabbling in a bit of contouring then this is the product for you!!

Sorry this wasn't a very detailed review, but I hope you liked it all the same!:)

Thanks for reading:)x


  1. that looks amazing- I need that in my life!:)xo

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