Saturday, 30 June 2012

Glamour Freebies.

Hey guys!
So this was the post that I had planned to do instead of my haul, so here it is! I know that these freebies are quite old but hey, thought I'd do it anyway:) So I don't know if any of you noticed but a while ago Glamour were giving away free benefit items. Now call me sad, but I bought two of the Glamour magazines in order to get two of the free benefit gifts - I know that is sooo excessive but i was really excited to try the products! There were a choice of three all together, the one that I didn't was the pore serum as I don't really suffer from big pores:)

So the gifts that I got were a mini size of the benefit 'that gal' face primer and the benefit 'bad gal lash' mascara.

So first was the 'that gal brightening face primer'. So I don't really have much experience with primers, I usually just use a moisturiser, so I can't really give great feedback but this was quite nice. It didn't make my skin feel overly soft but it did prove a very nice base for foundation! 

*I just have to say sorry about my eyes I had really bad hayfever when I took these photos, so that's why they're all bloodshot;) Don't ya just hate pollen?!

So I really like this mascara, I think it's a really great one for summer. It gives a really natural look to the lashes and separates them quite well. Well you can see my eyes - what do you think? I like it, although my friend Annie got this free and didn't like it so I suppose it's each to their own!! 

So there you go those are the benefit freebies from the latest Glamour:)
Did you get any of them? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!x

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