Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hey Pixies!

So I've been absent from the world of blogging for nearly 5 months!! And I know I shouldn't make excuses but my life has been a tad manic! During the start of summer I was doing my GCSEs (a right barrel of laughs as you can imagine!), then I went on holiday shortly after and then for the rest of the summer have been cramming in as much socialising and much needed down time after exam stress as I possibly can!

To be completely honest I was so tempted just to jack all of this in as I really thought blogging wasn't for me and thought I was pretty (for want of a better word) shit at it! 

But then I remembered that this itsy bitsy space of internet is all mine to do whatever I want with so really it's impossible to be shit right?

So I am really planning to put so much more into it now and learn to love it! With a little help from my best friend Amy I hope to give it a wee makeover, which I'm hoping will motivate me to create lots of decent content, which is always a good thing eh? 

Oh and one more thing - I am currently in the process of uploading my first Youtube video.... Ah! For a New Years resolution you can tell I'm really up to date! Ha cut me some slack I have had a rather busy year! I won't link it yet as I'm going to give it a bit of time but eek how scary!! 

Thanks for Reading!x


  1. I just started blogging again recently too, literally In the same boat as you, it's so difficult to juggle studies and blogging at the same time. Love your blog you should definitely keep it up! Amy x

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah it can be so difficult to find the time! Just left a comment on your blog, it's lovely! (the blog not my comment haha!) x