Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tag | How much is your face worth?

Hey Beauts!! 

How lucky are you 2 posts in 2 days?! Ha I do think a lot of myself don't I! 

So this is my first ever tag - fun times!! Tags have never really been something that excited me hugely but when reading this one on Louise's (Sprinkleofglitter) blog. 

This tag works by you writing down all the products you usually wear in your average everyday makeup and then add up the cost. I was really intrigued to find out how much I actually spend on makeup as I have an inkling that it's quite a bit!;)

Sorry for the super posey photo!!

No7 Day cream - £12.50
MAC Select spf 15 NW20 - £20.50
MAC Mineralize concealer - £16.00
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - £3.99

Sleek contour kit - £6.50
Nars Orgasm blush - £21.00
The Body Shop Bronzer - £16.00

Naked Palette - £36.00
Topshop pen liner - £8.00
Soap & Glory smoulder kohl liner - £4.00
No7 exquisite curl mascara - £12.00
Maybelline Falsies - £8.00

Vaseline - £1.00
MAC Hue - £14.00

Total - £179.49 

Oh my gosh! Well I knew I spent a lot on makeup but that really is depressing. I have literally never felt more shallow and I'm a tad embarrassed if I'm honest! And what's worse is that I have far more makeup stocked away than that list - that's just the everyday jobby *facepalm*. However as much as I'd love to say that this will make me change my ways and focus n the more important things in life I'm not. I save the money that I spend on makeup and I really love it - I suppose there could be worse things to spend your money on right? 

This tag has really opened my eyes and I would love to see some more bloggers giving it a go, so do feel free - I tag all of you!! 

Thanks for reading!x


  1. I was so surprised by my total as well I definitely wasn't expecting my daily make-up to come to £142.51! Haha!:)

  2. I absolutely love this tag! You use such lovely products as well :)

  3. I love this tag and did it myself the other day, but mine was around the £50 range so wasn't too depressing haha! (: I wish I had the money to be able to use nice and expensive makeup on a daily basis!

  4. woah! claudie!;) you lucky thing!:)xo

  5. Wow your eyelashes are incredible!!! Gosh that's a lot of spending, but try living in Australia! All of that would cost three times the amount it does in the UK! So crazy and sad for us Aussies :(

    Really interesting to do a tag like this, very enlightening!

    Just stumbled across your blog and really enjoying reading it :D now following you!

    Just started my own recently at

  6. Cute post lovely, that photo is stunning btw.
    I get really depressed when I realise how much I spend on makeup, ah well, needs must ;)

  7. What an interesting idea for a post! But I'm not sure I want to know what my face is worth, haha :)

  8. hey this is an amazing blog! now following you. check out mine :)

  9. you're so pretty and you have a great blog.
    that is quite a bit to spend but you look lovely os i guess it's justifiable!
    anyway you, i'm your newest follower and i can't wait to see your future posts.
    i hope you'll come and say hi, you seem super nie and i'd love a chat sometime!
    laura xx

  10. You're so pretty! Wish I had your eyes :) New follower x

  11. Thankyou all of you,I 'm going to have so much fun checking out all of your blogs!!:)x

  12. This tag is great! I am kind of scared to do it myself though...
    I just found your blog btw :)
    Mishelle x

  13. Very pretty! Your lashes are so long and gorgeous! :)