Sunday, 12 August 2012

DIY Ombre Hair

Hey Beauts!

I'll just start by making a HUGE apology for abandoning you for this long, I have just been super super busy (I know, no excuse) and I just have had no time:(

So a couple of weeks ago it was the end of term, so to mark this occasion I decided to bleach my hair... as ya do!

The kit I used to do this was the L'Oreal Hilighting kit.

It was around £6 and I have to say that it worked really well - very good value for money! The instructions were brilliant and made making up the solution really easy. 

 I know it's blue (that seriously freaked me out) but that's just the bleach me and my friends were having such a laugh thinking of me with blue hair!!

So then using the spreader (technical word alert) that they provide you I applied it to the ends of my hair. I made sure that I worked it in with my fingers - obviously using the plastic gloves provided, safety first! - in order to get a nice gradient.
I then wrapped sections of my hair in foil in order to make the bleach work more effectively!

Attractive I know

And then we wait. 40 long minutes and not being able to leave the bathroom out of fear of bleaching the carpet;) 

Once the time was up I just rinsed out the dye and added the conditioner that comes in the pack and then just dry it and pray that it looks good!;) 

So here are a few shots of the hair in question! Some show it better than others but it's just a really nice coppery blonde and if I'm being honest I am really like it! It's not very well graduated on one side but now it's faded a tad you'd never notice! I may re-do it just do gain a brighter blonde, but we'll see;) 

I really wouldn't suggest you do this if you have majorly damaged hair, I mean mine wasn't in the best condition as I had dip-dyed it red before so it was a tad dry but nothing major. But if you're hair is already frazzled I wouldn't suggest bleach, my hair is literally now straw - no joke. But it looks pretty so no pain no gain;)

So there you have it! I know I'm a bit (well a lot) late jumping on the ombre bandwagon but hey ho, I loves it;) 

Thankyou so much for reading and I promise not to leave it so long next time, really do love you all!!x


  1. we had the best afternoon dying your hair!;) it looks amazing:)xo

  2. Your hair looks really pretty :)

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